eating the other for sukeban magazine

eating the other for sukeban magazine

the objectification and orientalisation of China
by adopting the West’s stereotypes of Chinese culture.
through the act of mimicking
the West’s fabricated representation of China,
Western power can be undermined
as it exposes the artificiality of these stereotypes.

~ betty liu

art direction + photo for art / fashion project with designer, Betty Liu.
+ co-direction for video, directed + shot by jordan kaye;

team |

design + concept – Betty Liu
co-direction – Jordan Kaye
hair – Sabrina Fetterkind
mua – Chloe Rose
photo assist – Maki Levine
models – Jessie, Deb, Lyn + Panda

melbourne, VIC

~ project also featured on It’s Nice That & IGNANT