Back in May, I spent a week driving through the South Island of New Zealand. I documented this journey on film & digital, though no picture really could do it justice.

This journey was submitted and published on Paper Sea Quarterly.

I’ve lived in Melbourne, Australia my whole life but my cultural background is a mix of Anglo-Indian and Dutch-Sri Lankan, and this, along with all the places I have travelled, has influenced my life. I studied to be a psychologist but now I spend the better parts of my time having good conversations, exploring places and taking pictures; usually all at the same time.

I’m moving overseas next year and before I leave this southern part of the world I felt it utterly necessary to see the beauty of one of our neighbours – New Zealand. I realized that I don’t spend enough time with my parents, and moving away next year would make it worse, so I asked them to come with me; I wanted to see mountains, so we drove from Christchurch to Queenstown.

The portraits of my parents are my favourite; I wanted to document them as I had always seen them, with expressions on their faces that I knew so well, of two people who have always loved me unconditionally. And after all they had done for me, it felt good to be able to take them on this journey and show them some beautiful things, the way they have shown me so many, my whole life.

I saw places and beauty I never even knew existed; it was so grounding to be completely present in the moment, and I found clarity in the meditation of driving through those places. Above all, it was a great feeling to share these beautiful moments with my parents.

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