A few weeks ago I went to the launch of Erik Yvon’s XX-XY collection.

It was held at Belleville, our usual spot for good, cheap chicken and poutine, and this night we indulged in both this and then the amazing design showcase the followed.

The runway was make shift, the staff pushed the tables away to reveal tape on the floor, whilt 7-8 beautiful humans paraded through the crowd wearing the garments.

The boys and girls alike had incredible make-up, some with cat eyes, some with various shades of eyeliner in places where eyeliner is not usually found.

Being that I had photographed the collection, which you can see here, and having met Erik a while back at a Social Studio block party, I was so proud and amazed to see what he had accomplished.

The launch was such a lovely night, a great local spot with a local feel, babin’ stylish Melbournians piled into one place, just the way it was meant to be.

It had been a long week and there were 5+ other photographers taking pictures, so I decided to hang back and shoot some just in the corner.

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